Go Hand In Hand With The Future: Install Solar Shingles

Go Hand In Hand With The Future: Install Solar Shingles

Solar energy is steadily increasing its popularity recently. The environmental problems increase every year, and the solar industry’s technological progress is another platform for solar energy growth. However, many homeowners can not afford to go solar because of the inconvenience of installing solar panels. And what can we offer here? Of course, solar shingles!

Solar shingles will generate energy for you and your family and serve as roofing at the same time. What can be better? The essential difference between solar panels and solar shingles is the appearance.  And things could not go any better as solar shingles are aesthetically more pleasing. Solar shingles will give a complete and unified look to your home. 

Moreover, solar shingles provide high efficiency and a sustainable approach for both residential and commercial buildings. An investment into sustainability can become a guarantee for your bright and green future.

Are Solar Panels And Solar Shingles Easily Available In The Market?

Both solar shingles and solar panels are easily available in the market. However, a solar shingle is a relatively new product in the market. For that reason, it can take you time to find a professional specialized solar shingle installer for your roofing. A solar panel system has proudly gained popularity and its place in the market and is widely spread worldwide. So, do thorough research to find the best solar roofing company.  

Which Is More Energy-Efficient? Solar Panels Or Shingles?

So, you have finally decided to go solar. What is the next vital step to take? Choosing between solar panels and solar shingles is sometimes challenging. But knowing the advantages and disadvantages of both will help you make the right decision. 

The solar energy system’s energy efficiency is one of the essential factors when switching to solar. Solar panels are more energy efficient because you can position each panel to face the sun to capture the maximum amount of sunlight overall. It is known that to produce the most amount of energy, solar panels should face south at a 30-40 degree angle. However, in recent years, due to technological development in the solar industry, solar shingle efficiency has reached about 20%. And shingles are getting more efficient every year.

Another advantage of this position is that snow will slide off panels easily during winter. On the other hand, solar shingles’ efficiency depends on the roof’s orientation and your home’s geographical location.  Thus, knowing all the details beforehand, including the roofing materials, the roof size, and the sunlight direction, will help you install the system correctly. 

Solar-Powered Roof With Solar Shingles

In the last decade, the number of residential solar installations has remarkably increased in the United States. As we know, while a solar panel roof shingle, also known as a photovoltaic shingle, is similar to asphalt or slate standard shingles, it can also generate electricity. Thus, a solar-powered roof will make your home both eco-friendly and cost-effective. 

Besides, solar roof shingles are a unique and increasingly popular renewable energy solution you should always consider. And so, let’s now talk about the solar shingle installation process.

Solar Shingles Considerations And Installation

Solar shingles are designed to protect your roof and at the same time produce energy from the sun. When re-roofing your house, choosing solar shingles is sometimes the best solution since you will only put solar shingles, saving money on ordinary roof shingles. It is relatively simple and will take about 10 hours for specialized solar roofing companies to complete for installation. Plus, the Bay area is the state with the most potential energy to gain from the sun.  

When installing solar panels, you can spare much more time as solar panels are mounted on the existing roofing, and the installation is complicated. However, if you plan to move to a new house, removing the solar panels and reinstalling them is more manageable.  

Nevertheless, solar roof shingles are usually more expensive than solar panels. The difference between a solar panel installation cost and solar shingles installation cost is crucial when going solar. The average solar shingle roof installation will cost you about USD 60,000 to USD 75,000, depending on the location and your roof size. You will pay approximately USD 23 per square foot.

Solar Shingle Benefits

By installing solar shingles, make sure you know all these benefits:

  • Increased home value 

Installing a solar system will increase the value of your home up to USD 15,000. Therefore, if you plan to sell your home in the future, consider installing a solar system to increase its value.

  • Environmental protection

 Going solar is a great way to support the environment. More people installing solar systems decrease fossil fuel consumption rate and coal usage dependency worldwide. In turn, this will reduce the emission of harmful gases that are the primary cause of climate change and global warming.  

  • Reduced energy bills

Using the energy converted through solar shingles, you can solve all your energy needs. Accordingly, it will reduce your electricity bills as you will stop being dependant on the grid system electricity.

  • Little to no maintenance

Solar shingles have about a 30-year warranty and require almost no maintenance during their exploitation. On the contrary, solar panels have an about 25-year warranty


Solar roofing shingles are effective photovoltaic systems producing solar power. Besides the price for roofing materials and Whether you choose solar panels or solar shingles, you will soon enjoy its benefits. Going solar will become a worthwhile long-term investment in your future.

Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan 


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