Breaking News: Millions Of Residents Are Freezing With No Electricity

Breaking News: Millions Of Residents Are Freezing With No Electricity

Deaths and power loss came with the storm. On Wednesday, a storm crashed Texas with overwhelming aftermath. Telling that the state is in shock is to tell nothing. Winter weather is not usual for the population of Texas. These people are not used to snow, cold wind, not to mention the recent winter storm. 

The National Weather Service (NWS) reported about the threatful storm in Texas by Wednesday afternoon. The consequences of the winter storm are horrifying. Throughout 30 years and beyond, the state faced its lowest temperature of 0 Fahrenheit, which is equivalent to -18 Celsius degrees. People freeze, trying to accommodate the new climate, which still seems impossible. Homes in Texas are not enclosed for cold weather, not to tell for such extremes. As soon as heat systems crashed, people ended up staying at frigid homes. Accordingly, Texas got into an emergency state. As expected, power outages covered the whole state: over two million people live without access to electricity. Such an occurrence made Texans restore energy and prepare for the worst happening. 

Some called the happening Public Health Disaster. In reality, it was: 21 deaths, traffic accidents, burnt homes, and carbon monoxide poisoning. The most significant consequence resulting from the winter-storm-driven electricity outage is carbon monoxide poisoning. It happens because people have no other choice but to run cars to generate warmth and energy, not to freeze. Even medical professionals are in shock because they have never observed such high numbers of carbon monoxide poisoning. 

As reported by the National Weather Service (NWS), the winter storm made take up cautious measures to prevent further tragedies. Over 100 million Americans today live under the winter weather warning. Even though this is the harsh reality these people live in, days will get brighter. Prayers and hopes for Texas!

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan


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