Better Roofing With Innovative Approaches

Better Roofing With Innovative Approaches

The key to a good house is first quality roofing. If your house roofing materials are not good enough, or if your residence requires roofing repair, you should not postpone it in no way. Disregard of common small issues with roofing in future can cause more extensive problems which will require expensive and spacious solutions. If the time has come to renovate your roofing you should choose the best roofing company among the variety of roofing companies in your area. But how to choose one? 

As one of the main issues in house renovation is the cost, everyone tries to find the best solution with minimal expenses. As the roofing supply is widely spread around by numerous companies it is highly recommended to make a thorough research upon required materials and future expenses before making the final choice. Here are several tips which will guarantee your quality roofing.

Roofing Color 

The type of roofing shingles as well as their color is very important for your rooftop. As you probably already know the dark color attracts and absorbs sunlight. Hence, if you have a problem with cooling your house you should take this into account when choosing roofing shingles. And the opposite, if your house is cooler than you need it to be you should choose darker shingles. You should use this knowledge with the benefit for your residence. To better imagine the difference between dark and colored shingles and their impact on your house temperature it is sufficient to note that dark roofing can have 25-degree temperature swing during high temperatures in regions like California or Florida. Hence, it turns out that the choice of a correct color for your roofing is beneficial for several reasons, including your home efficiency, air conditioning, energy bills saving, etc.


Roofing Material

Modern roofing contractors suggest a variety of roofing materials for your future rooftop. The choice of roofing shingles manufactured by US companies includes but is not limited to:

  • Wood shingles
  • Asphalt shingles 
  • Plastic shingles 
  • Solar shingles
  • Metal shingles, and others. 

Being energy-efficient, roof metal shingles are a great choice as an investment for your house renovation. If you live in a sunny area such as California metal shingles are for you since they do not absorb sunlight and keep the attic comparably cool. Metal shingles roofing is a justified investment for you and can save up to 40 percent on air conditioning. 



Proper attic insulation can save about 15 percent on heating and cooling. One of the most efficient ways of insulation is Polyiso Insulation. This method of insulation is one of the most preferable for a number of reasons. Thus, for instance, it is stable against high temperatures, has a high R-value per inch, it is low in moisture absorption and readily available. Another example of attic roofing insulation is Wood Fiber Insulation. This totally innovative method is organic since it is a mixture of wood, cane or vegetable fibers, binders and fillers. Perlite Insulation board is made up of siliceous volcanic glass and organic fibers and binders. Cellular Glass Insulation is a mixture of crashed glass and foam. These components are mixed, heated and mold to create a certain substance with perfect insulation features. There are also Gypsum Board Insulation, Extruded Polystyrene, Polyisocyanurate and other types of insulation. 

As seen above, the choice of roofing insulation is quite big nowadays as modern technologies allow to expand manufacturer’s opportunities in this field. 



This is an innovative and unique way of roofing with a number of benefits. Based on manufacturing, this type of roof can last from about 8 to 15 years. It is always a good idea if you are interested in energy savings. For gaining a maximum of energy saving your skylight must face south. If you want to have natural light in your interior throughout the whole year, your skylight should be constructed on the north. One of the best performing skylights are the Curb-mounted skylights. This type is best against leakages, more flexible in size and offers more area. The disadvantage of Curb-mounted skylights is the price. They tend to be rather expensive, but the investment is worth it. The installation of the skylights is not a big deal. It takes about three days to install this structure.


What is underlayment? It is a water-resistant or waterproof material installed into a roof deck, which plays the role of a barrier. Being made mostly from synthetic materials, the underlayment is a resistant and stable material. The utilization of underlayment in roofing construction has several pluses. First it provides additional moisture, it is very effective against severe weather conditions and ensures additional layer for your roof protection.  


And at last, here is a bonus for you. When considering a reroofing your house just take into account that there is a special 30 percent federal tax credit special for house owners who renovate their rooftops for solar installation. 

Author of a publication: Helen Kocharyan 


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