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Roofing services in Northern California

The roof plays a vital role in solar energy system installation. Most people choose to mount solar panels to their roofs, although ground-mounted solar panels are also available. Since roofs will hold the panels for years to come, they must be in good condition before installation. Solar panels cannot be mounted to roofs that are unstable or require maintenance.


Roof-Mounted Solar Installation

Often, roofs may not be durable enough to handle the solar installation process – and that’s okay! It is best to manage re-roofing and other roof concerns during the solar installation process.

Performing roof updates at the same time as the solar installation will save you both time and money. You mustn’t proceed with the solar installation if your roof needs to be repaired, as you may have to remove solar panels to manage roof concerns in the future. That will be expensive and time-consuming.

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Roofing Contractors

Bay Solar Group can help if your roof needs to be repaired before solar installation. In addition to being certified solar panel contractors, Bay Solar also has licensed roofers in our team. We provide quality roofing materials and services from the industry’s best brands, including Owens Corning, Eagle, Boral and more!

Since we have vast experience in the solar and roofing industry, we can access all applicable credits, incentives, rebates, and financing benefits to save you as much money as possible.


Roofing Solutions

Bay Solar Group has several incredible offerings about solar roof solutions. For example, we work with cool roofs, composite shingles, concrete tiles, roof-integrated solar and more.

We always make sure to partner with industry-leading manufacturers to ensure you get the best operating system possible. Our experience ranges, but you can count on us for roofing shingles, TPO, tile roof updates, replacement and reset roofing services. So, take the first step to a roofing solution being designed especially for you. 

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