The Sun Shines Brighter Than Ever: Go Solar This Valentine’s Day

The Sun Shines Brighter Than Ever: Go Solar This Valentine’s Day

Chocolate, flowers, romantic dinners…all of these shouts out loud – Valentine’s Day. I agree; these are cute, fun, and memorable. But, shouldn’t we become more creative, open-minded, and unique? I guess 2021 is the right time to overcome our expectations of how Valentine’s Day should be celebrated. Have you ever thought about the solar celebration? Why not? Assumedly, not many people are aware what is the hidden meaning behind the solar celebration. Well, it is bringing joy and happiness to the love of your life through the sun’s energy. Literally, I mean it. The only way of bringing the power of the sun to your loved one is by buying a solar panel system. Despite that, the metaphorical meaning of solar celebration makes such an antiromantic gift on Valentine’s Day the perfect one. According to research done specifically for Valentine’s Day, a solar panel company Bay Solar Group found out that solar energy incorporates passion and warmth – components embodying love. The sun symbolizes life and remolds love into a lively emotion. What can be better than living love on Valentine’s Day? Nothing. With solar celebration, you go for the purchase of equipment, but at the end of the day, give the lively emotion, the sun, and the passion. Let’s proceed with the article to see how these three fit into one picture. 

Lively Emotion As Love

Valentine’s Day is all about love. Solar energy is all about infinity. Solar Valentine’s Day is all about infinite love. Can you already see the connection? Yes! Deciding to gift the sun’s energy through a solar panel system to your loved one incorporates the idea of representing love as a never-ending emotion. Such a concept is a powerful one to make the bond between a couple even stronger. What do couples want the most? Get old together. That is possible if love life is secure and partners are independent. Security and independence come with solar energy. The sun’s power is the resource helping to arrange your needs without limits and threats of power outages or blackouts. So, if love and the sun secure and bolden the couple’s bond, why not make the solar celebration a trend? 

  • #1 Benefit of Solar Energy

Despite the metaphor behind the concept of the solar celebration of Valentine’s Day, the sun’s energy itself brings lively emotion into an individual’s lifestyle. Solar energy is the resource that makes electricity accessible 24/7. That means accessing power whenever and wherever you want despite blackouts and power outages. Such a perk of the energy of the sun turns an individual’s life into a non-stop lively occasion. 

The Sun As A Symbol Of Life

Not that the symbolization is thought out for impressive content for you to read and enjoy. Not at all! It is research-based information that the sun is the symbol of life. That concept walks in line with our topic as where there is love; there is life. Exchanging the words gives us the following: where there is love, there is the sun. See, the interconnection is real! Gifting the sun’s energy amplifies the love between you and your partner. Especially if the gift is composed in a way that explains the metaphor behind the idea, the love considerably strengthens. 

  • #2 Benefit of Solar Energy

What on Earth has more life in it than our environment, our nature? Life thrives within the environment, and we should keep it as lively as possible. Through the concept of where there is love, there is life; we can enhance the sustainability of our environment. How? Life = the sun is an energy source that reduces the carbon footprint because it doesn’t emit an abundant amount of CO2. Along with carbon footprint reduction, the environment gets greener and cleaner. The greener and cleaner the surroundings get, the more alive it will become. Turns out, you may gift your partner solar equipment to access the sun’s power and automatically contribute to environmental sustainability. Someone just hit two goals with one purchase! You show love through the solar surprise to your loved one while caring about the environment. 



Passion incorporates in it life=the sun and energy. If mixed, passion embodies solar energy. Let’s dig deeper. Each individual in a couple has passion as that emotion is always a part of the love emotion. Such a state of passion may be a bond-strengthener as it embodies active life and lively energy. These two components are inseparable from love. Let me tell you that passion may exist, but your partner may prefer not to show it. In such cases, a solar gift is key to wake the passion up. Imagine gifting a solar piece of equipment to your loved one and bringing the financial heaven of the sun to your partner. Even if your partner doesn’t show his or her passion, such a happening will take that emotion out. 

  • #3 Benefit of Solar Energy

The sun’s power costs the minimum. With solar energy, the consumer pays fixed monthly payments per watt. Considerably less than people do with fossil fuels. Besides, with such a gift, you give to the love of your life an incredible opportunity to either sell the extra generated energy back to the grid or invest it in solar stocks. Theoretically, you help your partner become a businessperson just by opening access to solar power. Apart from the present, you open up the future of your loved one by giving him or her a chance to thrive in the solar industry! How can that individual hide the passion further? No way!

The sun, the lively emotion, and the passion – solar energy’s metaphorical secret. 

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan


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