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We Help You Meet Your Clean Energy Goals with Customized Solutions

Bay Solar Group is one of the top solar panel companies with advanced technology, customized solutions, and expert employees. We invest in the best engineers, consultants, and installers to guarantee excellent results. Our team takes the time to listen and understand your unique energy needs, then tailor solutions to maximize your savings. Our highest priority is to ensure all of our customers find an energy solution that works for them. At Bay Solar, we train and specialize in Tesla Powerwall installations, roofing services, and solar PV installations.

We offer industry-leading equipment from Panasonic, Solaria, Enphase, Solaredge, Tesla, and more. We know that investing in the industry’s best means increased longevity for your solar system. We want your solar investment to withstand the test of time, so we use the best technology and offer the most inclusive warranties. That makes us one of the best solar panel companies in California on the market!
Contact Bay Solar Group to get a free proposal and solar system design with solutions to satisfy your energy needs.

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Solar Panel Installation

You can count on Bay Solar Group and its hard-working team to handle your solar journey from start to finish. We use the most advanced technology and procedures as we begin the solar panel installation process.

Our commitment to quality service ensures that your solar system will be long-lasting and energy-efficient. Our team will be responsible for permits, evaluations, design, roofing services, installation, and more.

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Our Portfolio

Bay Solar has a team of solar panel installation experts and is a leading Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer. Powerwall acts as a home battery storage solution, storing solar energy for later use. With Powerwall, you can become virtually grid-independent as you consume only clean, renewable energy. If you’re considering a home battery storage solution, our consultants can go over Tesla Powerwall systems in greater detail.

Our Works

Control Your Energy And Stay Protected

Bay Solar Group is a leading solar PV installer, Tesla Powerwall certified installer, and roofing contractor.
We can provide you with a seamless, integrated solution for all your energy needs.​

We make the process simple
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