To The Sun & Back: The Gift That Your Mother Deserves

To The Sun & Back: The Gift That Your Mother Deserves

Time may alter many things, but the love and devotion to the parent are unchangeable. Perhaps this is one reason people always strive to show their appreciation to their mothers on any possible occasion. Hence, a most excellent chance to show one’s love towards the mother is yet to come in the nearest future with Mother’s Day. It is a true challenge not to repeat yourself and be unique when choosing a gift for your mother. A solar panel system would be an original surprise for your mom; a gift that will not fade in a few days, will not be worn out in a year and will not be broken accidentally; a gift that is here to stay with consumption benefits growing across the time. 

One of the area’s leaders among solar panel companies, Bay Solar Group, is thinking about all the possible solutions to make this day even more unforgettable for its customers. Therefore, it suggests a unique proposal; people who will switch to solar with this company and purchase a photovoltaic system from the first to the ninth of May will get a gift from the Bay Solar team – a Nest Thermostat. 

Nest Thermostat


The device is also called Nest Learning Thermostat for the simple reason that it is based on a machine-learning algorithm. The logic of the device functionality is based on the regulation activities of the user during the first few weeks. From these activities, the Nest assembles necessary reference data, fixes people’s schedules. As a result, it learns the time and preferable interior temperature for that time. It is applicable both for residential and business areas’ temperature regulation. Although the Nest Thermostat is not an inseparable element for solar panel kits, it provides a smart solution for the residence with tangible benefit to one’s daily activities. 

The benefit of this gift is the idea of integration of older generations into smart technology utilization. For many parents and grandparents, the idea of new electronic devices sounds scary since they don’t know how to use them, and they also often avoid learning new things. The mission of their children and grandchildren must be the simplification and comfort creation for their everyday life. The benefits of innovative home technologies often help people not forget doing something; for instance, they can be reminded about the time to take medicine, turn off this or that electric device, etc. Once people get used to these smart home solutions, they can’t imagine their daily activities without them. These smart solutions are not only quite compatible with solar panel installation but are also a must for people who value the quality of life.

Benefits For Consumers Of Solar

Many benefits can be mentioned, but the budget is above all. For the parents, just like all the others, the financial issues are prioritized for several reasons. This is probably the main reason why a solar gift will be the most desirable surprise for your mother on that very special day. It will provide advantages that will become more and more tangible with time. Which are the main financial benefits that make the PV system utilization worth switching to?

In time the positive impact on one’s budget becomes more visible. If the solar system is equipped with a power storage battery, the consumer gets 100 percent independent energy for free. Your parents will not have to pay any electricity bills. Moreover, they will be able to sell the excess energy generated by the solar panels to the local grid and get compensation for it. See a more detailed description of this process below. 

Another benefit for the users of this renewable energy is the independence from the local grid. This independence ensures permanent energy provision by the system, disregarding the local grid efficiency. Even if there is a power outage in the area and there is no electricity in all neighborhoods, a solar-powered house will not be affected. 

Solar is also suitable for smart home technologies. As more people switch to this alternative energy source, the demand for various smart solutions increases simultaneously. People prioritize residential system monitoring for the benefit of controlling electricity bills. Modern applications make this process of remote control extremely simple. A user can now control house electrical devices, interior temperature, and security via cell phone applications. One of such examples is the Nest Thermostat mentioned above. 

Your Gift’s Price


The initial solar panel cost, with its adjacent devices and elements ensuring connectivity, is high. Depending on the requirements of the specific area and the customer’s daily energy needs, the cost will vary but will not be low. Although the overall PV module price has decreased by 20 percent during the last five years, in 2021, an average photovoltaic module ranges from $2.40 to $3.22 per watt. This means that the system installation will cost from about $17,760 to $23,828. What does this mean? Basically, this means that the cost directly depends on your system size; the bigger the system, the higher is the price; for the most straightforward reason, that extensive system means more modules’ installation, more connectivity and more labor. 

Solar companies offer many options to mitigate the solar panel price. To avoid paying the initial high cost for the solar purchase, customers can arrange a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) or a Lease. Although these financial solutions offer a privilege for the customer, the best choice remains system purchase. In the case of a Lease or a PPA, the buyer becomes the consumer of the eco-friendly energy but not the system’s owner. Namely, the user will not get such benefits as a solar panel tax credit or system ownership. If the house owner automatically increases the residential price in case of a purchase and installation, things are opposite with a Lease. It will not work for the benefit of the house sale since the new owner will inherit the Leasing agreement or the PPA along with the house. 

Inside The System


The energy in the PV system is generated due to the photovoltaic cells that absorb sunlight and start producing energy by active movements. This energy, however, is not suitable for house load consumption. It’s a direct current (DC) converted into an alternative current (AC) by a special device called an inverter. The energy which comes out of this device is used both for house loads and electrical vehicle charging. The solar system can often generate too much energy that is not usable on a daily basis. How does a solar panel work in this case? It continues producing power as long as there is sunshine available, but the excess energy is stored in a power storage battery. It performs power backup and supplies the house with electricity whenever necessary. With this solar battery, the house owner will always have electricity even if the sky is covered with clouds or is already evening. This device excludes any power outages and ensures independent permanent electricity supply from the PV system. With high-level reliability and comfort, the photovoltaic system becomes an inseparable component of a household. 

So, if you are looking for that special gift to pleasantly surprise your mother on the occasion of Mother’s Day, a solar panel kit is the ideal option. 

Author of a publication: Helen Kocharyan


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