Multifunctionality Of The Sun Is Limitless: Roofing & Solar Installation

Multifunctionality Of The Sun Is Limitless: Roofing & Solar Installation

Sun: an exceptionally powerful energy source, providing a large amount of energy to Earth. Solar energy potential is boundless. Every day the Earth receives thousands of times more solar energy than it daily is capable of consuming. So, with the Sun’s power, we can consume heat, converting the sun’s energy into thermal energy, or generate electricity, satisfying all the possible energy needs. 

Solar energy is the fastest-growing source of renewable energy. It is free, green and highly growing its popularity worldwide. However, the cost of collecting, conversing and storing solar energy is not cheap. But the fact that the cost of electricity is continuing to grow with every passing year, people tend to turn to renewable sources of energy more often, decreasing their dependency on traditional electric power. 

When Is The Right Time To Go Solar?

Solar energy is more practical and more profitable than ever before. Many homeowners and businesses install a solar panel system for their energy needs. 

Going solar is a great way to invest. Solar panel industry is rapidly growing over time. In comparison to the last decade, solar panel efficiency has expanded. Moreover, solar technologies have progressed dramatically. As a result, prices for solar panel technologies are continuing to fall. 

However, you should thoroughly research all the benefits and pitfalls of the solar system installation to make your right decision. Solar systems are not cheap. So, solar panel installation is a significant investment. Hence, sometimes, installing solar roofing is a better and more cost-efficient decision for you. 

It is also essential to understand your home energy needs. When installing solar roofing, consider the amount of electricity you are going to use. It will let you calculate the exact solar system size for your energy needs. You can always use a solar panel calculator to find how many panels you are going to need. Also, consider your current home energy usage and the available amount of sun. In California, there is a lot of sun. So, you will need fewer solar shingles or solar panels to generate electricity.

What Is Solar Roofing?

The idea of solar roofing is to replace your basic roof tiles with solar rooftop generating power from the sun and giving you energy freedom. So, solar roofs are an effective way to reduce your environmental impact and produce energy simultaneously. Solar shingles, sometimes called photovoltaic shingles, are designed to look like regular asphalt or slate tiles generating electricity from the sun. 

Solar shingles have a building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) technology serving both as roofing and gathering solar power. So, the roof harnesses solar energy, and you will not need additional external panels.

Solar shingles unite aesthetics and modern technologies. Because of its appearance, a solar panel roof shingle can blend in with a house’s design. Solar roof shingle installation is a growing trend worldwide and will add value to your home. 

What Are The Benefits Of A Solar Installation?

Energy costs increase every year, making solar energy a sustainable alternative for generating power for your energy needs. Solar shingles and solar energy have a lot of benefits, emerging to higher solar advancements. 

The main advantage of solar roofing is the aesthetically pleasing and attractive look and design. 

The financial part is another essential advantage of your solar installation. Producing your energy, you will have a decrease in your electricity bills. If you produce more than you use, you will even receive money sending the energy access back to the grid. Installing solar battery storage to your solar system will help you better manage your energy needs and add value to your solar system. Besides, you can reduce your solar investment by getting credits through solar federal and state tax incentives and rebates. 

What Are The Factors Affecting Solar Panel Installation Cost? 

  • Your energy usage and utility costs
  • Solar panel system cost and labor cost in your area
  • Solar potential in your area
  • Local incentives and rebates.

Another advantage of solar installation is its environment. Solar energy is a green and natural energy resource. Hence, solar installation will decrease your carbon footprint. 

Is It Still Good To Go Solar If You Need To Re-Roof Or Replace Your Roofing?

The roof is one of the most important parts of your home as it protects your home from weather conditions. In case you are planning to replace your roof, you should consider some facts before going solar and buying solar panels. Check your roof thoroughly, and if it doesn’t look good, or there are tears, solar panel replacement can be hard then. 

Solar panel installation can also cause roof leakage. Good solar panel companies offer a warranty covering costs with the roof leaking.

Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan 


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