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Misconceptions About Renewable Energy

Misconceptions About Renewable Energy

There are a lot of misconceptions about renewable energy, which is highly harmful to those looking to invest in solar modules and other clean energy. Natural gas usage in The United States was around 34% of total statewide energy consumption in 2020. For this reason, people must know the facts. In this blog, we will be discussing and debunking myths about renewable energy.

Is Renewable Energy More Expensive?

The myth that energy generated by renewable energy sources is more expensive is not valid. It might’ve been the case in the early 2000s, but the prices have gone down since 2010. As of now, it is as cost-effective as energy generated by fossil fuels, and in some instances, even cheaper. 

If prices keep going down at this rate, they will be much cheaper in the future. Also, when you consider that fossil fuel prices are on the rise year after year, switching to clean energy is the way to go!

Is Energy Storage Terrible For Climate Change?

There is a common misconception that solar energy storage affects climate change in a negative way. In reality, having an on-grid solar panel is worse for climate change because you are still engaging in gas emissions. Having an off-grid solar module system is better for the environmental issues found as it cuts down your emissions by at least half. 

Does Clean Energy Take Up Space?

One other myth is that solar arrays and wind energy in San Francisco take up enormous space. The truth of the matter is that researchers found that if you used solar arrays in the country’s sunniest places to power the US, you’d only need 12000 square kilometres of space. If you compare that, for example, with golf courses, there are 10000 square kilometres of them in the US. As for alternative renewable energy sources in the Bay Area, it would only take 20000 square kilometres of rooftops!

Can Renewable Energy be Delivered When It’s Dark?

Solar panels don’t work during the night, of course, which created the myth that you can’t have renewable energy during the night. There is rapid innovation in energy storage solutions that debunk this theory. The prices are slowly decreasing as well, making storage batteries more affordable in the future. There are also engineers working on finding ways to create more sensitive panels to get them to produce in the dark as well.

Overall, there are a lot of misconceptions about renewable energy solutions. Still, there are a lot of positives to switching to renewable energy, whether it’s for your home or your business. With the innovations being made now, the prices will continue to go down, making the future of clean energy look bright as ever!


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