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Guide to Going Off-Grid in San Francisco

Guide to Going Off-Grid in San Francisco

Off-grid living in the Bay Area is an excellent idea considering the grid dependency. Being connected to the grid is good in some cases, but when you think about the number of power outages in the area, you might consider going off-grid. You might be wondering What’s an off grid system? what it entails and some things you should consider. 

What Is Going Off-Grid?

When you switch to solar power, you have two choices. You can either stay on-grid or go off-grid.

  • On-grid solar systems are still connected to the grid. You can still draw power and send power to the grid. In return, you receive tax credits off of your electricity bill.
  • Off-grid solar systems provide you with total grid independence. You can have a battery bank where you store access to power and use it later when there is no sun or during power outages. As an example of the battery, you can install a sustainability-a-perfect-match-2/">powerwall/">Tesla Powerwall. 

Is Going Off-Grid Worth It?

For some people, it might not be worth going completely off-grid. They might opt for a different option. Going off-grid can be at a considerable cost since you have to buy batteries. But if you would like never to depend on the grid, it is a great option. You can have seamless power 24/7 even when the state is having power outages. It is a terrific option for some people.

How Can It Be Helpful to Go Off-Grid in The Bay Area?


Besides the apparent plus-sides of having power during grid shutdowns, it would help to consider energy prices in San Francisco and the fact that they are still on the rise. You can expect to pay more than you do as of now. Going off-grid can combat that. You will pay upfront during the solar module installation process, and the price will only go down from that point onward. Your off-grid system ends up paying for itself in the long run!

How to Go Completely Green?

If you are looking to go off-grid, you most likely want to add some other features to your household as well — for example, a water heater. Usually, water heaters cost-effectiveness can be shown in an off-grid household. It can further lower your monthly utilities and provide you with a fully renewable household. If you are looking to expand further on that, you can also get an EV car, for example, the Tesla Model X car. You can be completely independent power-wise and reduce your emissions by an immense amount. 

Overall, energy storage and usage in the Bay Area is a good idea. Especially for people who are looking to be autonomous in their power production and consumption. It’s not for everyone, but it works seamlessly for those who choose to go this route. Going off-grid is a life-saver in power outages as well as during the night. You never have to worry about your utility bills again!


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