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Solar Solutions for San Francisco

Solar Solutions for San Francisco

There are many reasons why exactly solar system maintenance is preferable than any other. Examples include high-tech modern projects, sustainable energy, eco-friendly solutions, safety and independence. But above all, the solar power system is incomparably more affordable, than other sources of energy. The initial cost of solar system installation is the biggest price paid at the beginning. Further maintenance requires very little involvement; once or twice a year you should clean the solar panels or arrange their cleaning by certain services.


A solar battery is an important component in solar panel system installation. In some cases, it may seem to be an unnecessary device, but there are situations when solar panel battery is mandatory. 

What Is A Solar Power Battery? 

A solar power battery bank is a rechargeable stationary device used for home energy storage. One of the best solar power battery banks is the tesla solar battery, which is otherwise called Powerwall or Powerpack. Manufactured by Tesla Inc., this solar panel battery bank is the best solution for residential or commercial areas. 

There are also other modern solar manufacturing companies famous for their products. Examples include HupSolar, Power-Sonic, Adara Power, Enersys, BBI and others. These manufacturers propose a high-quality product that meets all necessary criteria. 

There are four main types of solar batteries. 

  • A lithium ion solar battery – this battery is similar to the one used in smartphones. It has longer lifespan than the lead-acid battery. It is compact and light, with deeper discharge capability. 
  • A lead-acid – this battery is like the one used in cars. It is quite large and requires a lot of space. With lower cycle life this solar battery is less expensive. 
  • A sodium Nickle chloride – with 100 percent depth of discharge, this solar battery is more expensive. It can tolerate extremely severe temperature conditions.
  • A flaw battery – with zero fire risk, this device is fully recyclable. However, it has a lower lifespan than the lithium ion solar battery and is more expensive.  

When choosing between this or that type or manufacturer a future solar battery maintainer should also consult a specialist.

Tesla Powerwall

How Does A Battery For Solar Panel Work?

Solar panels collect sunshine and convert it into Direct Current (DC). This energy is then converted into Alternative Current (AC) through an inverter, which is another needful device in the solar system kit. When the solar panels produce extra power that is too much for your house loads, this power can be sent to the local power grid through the transmission lines. It comes out that you sell your extra energy to the grid and get paid for it. 

Another option is the solar battery storage. A solar battery bank or storage is a special device for keeping the excess of power generated by the solar panels. The energy stored in this device can be used in the evenings or at nights, when there is no sun, or when there is power outage due to some technical issues (for instance, a solar panel malfunction or other). This device is irreplaceable for residential areas which are situated far from the local power grid. Imagine a situation when the sun goes down in the evening and a house electricity goes off because there is no solar battery backup. This device also provides a high level of comfort because it ensures independence from any electricity grid. You are the owner of your electricity. 

What Is A Solar Battery Charger? 

A solar power battery charger is a device that generates energy from sunlight. This energy is later used to charge such electric devices as cell phones, laptops, reading lights and others. The solar battery chargers can be different in size, from a small device that can fit into your hand palm to a picnic table size battery charger used for charging large electrical devices.


The performance of solar battery chargers is similar to the solar photovoltaic system and battery storage system. The individual solar cells situated on the surface of the device absorb the sunlight. Then the protons of the sunlight excite the electrons of the device material and create an electric field. This field is the power by which electrons travel to a solar powered battery charger.

This is where the electricity is stored until you need it. A charge inverter is another device necessary to use this device fully. As we know an inverter converts the DC into AC, which widens the range of electricity consumption. It may sound a bit complicated, however a clean sunlight and several minutes is all that you will need to see the advantages of these devices.

Author of the article: Helen Kocharyan


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