Rapid Transit in Bay Area to Run Trains on Renewable Energy

Bay Solar GroupThis is predominantly a cost-cutting exercise by the Transit Agency, but one that will deliver a wide-range of perks as additional benefits along the way.

A new policy that has recently been passed by the board of directors at BART means that at least 50% of power will need to come from renewable energy sources by the year 2025, with that target stretched to 100% by the year 2045.
Exciting Solar News in Bay Area

The reason this is such a significant piece of news for the Bay Area is because this will be a pioneer project. Meaning this will be the very first time that a new law in California will be used in order to allow BART the flexibility and the complete freedom to select their own power supplier for the renewable energy they will need to use.

The great benefits to the Bay Area come in two forms. First of all, BART is claiming that the cost is around 20% less for the fuel than a standard customer would pay for the equivalent power from the Utility. It is also almost 80% cleaner in terms of the carbon emissions as well.

Ahead of the Mandate

Another stand-out reason that BART can lay claim to is that this project put them way ahead of the mandated target which was set in place with a time limit of 2030 to get to 50% renewable energy.
Bart is thought to be the very first electric transport system for the public that has committed to attaining 100% renewable energy usage. However, Caltrain who are also located close by is thought to be soon to follow with a similar pledge.

It is looking more and more likely that as more of our cities are looking more seriously into using renewables that the renewables buyers are set to become a significant buyer of commercial energy.
Source Article: https://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/read/bay-area-rapid-transit-will-run-on-100-renewable-energy

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