Tesla Home Charging


Tesla Home Charging

With the first electric cars, people believed EV’s would only look trendy and beautiful, and it would not be able to travel anywhere for a long distance. The Tesla model 3 was game-changing in the market. With its modern technologies and amazing design, Tesla had no competitors. 

Yet, even electric cars need to be charged. There is no better place and more convenient way to charge the EV than with home charging equipment. Charging at home is always cheaper than using petrol. Moreover, the maintenance for electric cars is as well less than in case of petrol driven cars.


To install a home charging system, it is better to find an electrician in your area. Hiring professionals is always a good idea when working with electricity. Moreover, it is safe and secure. Every Tesla charge system has a Wall Connector installation guide. The best place for your wall connector is the garage or parking place. It is possible to connect the system with a wall connector, or a mobile connector. The wall connector provides faster charging and is more convenient for home use. The Tesla Wall Connector is not cheap. But it is a great choice and will help you save money in the future. The mobile connector comes with a new Tesla car. It is a compact device which will help you charge your car from different outlets.

So installing a Tesla Wall connector at your home, your mobile connector can serve as a backup charging equipment while traveling. And even without your mobile connector, there are Tesla superchargers on the roads. To find the Tesla supercharger location, you enter the destination of your root on the touchscreen. Tesla will build your root through Superchargers along the way. It will take 30 minutes to charge your car, and afterwards enjoy your journey.

Wireless EV home charging systems for Tesla cars are also an option. For wireless charge, the Tesla car uses an ultra-thin vehicle receiving coil that accepts inductive power transfer with its connectors.
The Tesla home EV charging system is the most intelligent and developed battery storage system. The solar energy generated during the day, can be stored in a battery system and be used later during the overnight when there is no sun shining or in case of poorer weather conditions.

The Tesla charging system includes at least one Tesla Powerwall and a Tesla Gateway. The Backup Gateway studies and adapts to the energy use and receives over-the-air updates.

The Tesla home charger system comes with an informative Powerwall mobile app. The app allows us to control the battery, shows when the battery is charging and discharging and how much grid electricity is being consumed. It also monitors the solar energy use and gets alerts about the weather.

Today, the world is rapidly moving to clean energy usage. Solar energy is the fastest growing renewable energy field in the world. For your car to charge through the sun energy, first of all, a solar panel system is needed.

WIth solar panels system you can both provide yourself with electricity needed for your everyday use, and charge your EV car overnight. Before buying a home charger system, it is important to understand your needs. Moreover, using solar energy means reducing electricity bills and decreasing the environmental impact. 

Before making a final decision, consider all the possible options, and request a quote.

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Author of a publication: Irene Abgaryan