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Bay Solar covers solar needs in a range of locations and geographies. If you’re considering solar panels in the Elk Grove area, reach out and one of our sales consultants will assist you. Our team has the expertise needed to ensure your solar investment is long-lasting and maintains a high energy efficiency.








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Solar Panel Installation

Bay Solar Group is the best solar company to service your energy needs. If you’re wondering about the solar panel installation price in Elk Grove, or any other solar energy information, reach out to our consultants.

They can guide you through the solar process from start to finish..

Solar Panel Installation Specialist


Tesla Powerwall Battery Backup

Our team of Tesla Powerwall Certified Installers are able to service all your home battery storage needs.

Powerwall works to keep energy on reserve and outputs it to your electrical loads when you need it. With Powerwall, you can easily avoid pulling energy from the grid.


Roofing & Re-Roof Services

Bay Solar Group has licensed roofing contractors to address any roofing issues before beginning the solar installation process. Roofs must be in good condition to undergo a solar installation, otherwise you may need to replace the roof in the future.

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Reach out to our team of experts for questions about solar energy. We cover home and commercial solar, battery storage, and roofing concerns.

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