Solar Energy Pros and Cons


Solar Energy Pros and Cons

Daily media is literally filled with all sorts of negative information about planet Earth, environment and the disastrous impact that humans have on it. This information is accompanied with various disturbing illustrations that can seriously affect one’s mood. Most of the facts that you learn about environmental crises surrounding us is true, however each can contribute to the positive changes upon the ecosystem. 

What you must do is trust modern technologies and make your steps towards innovative solutions proposed by them. Not only these technologies aim at improving the quality of your life, but they can also have positive influence on your budget. Let’s talk about advantages and disadvantages of solar energy.

Solar Energy Advantages

Eternal Energy Source 

Based on scientific research, the Sun is going to die in approximately 5 billion years. This means that humanity will manage to use the Sun as a natural energy source at least during this period. In other words, the Sun provides an independent energy that will be available for our consumption for a whole eternity. It provides renewable and natural energy that can be used all over the world. No matter where you live the Sun is permanently available to you in case you decide going solar. Moreover, researchers have confirmed that 1.2 % of the Saharan Desert is enough to cover electricity needs of the whole planet by solar energy. In no way can nuclear energy compete with it. 

Modern and Smart Solution

Is solar energy renewable? Yes, it is! Modern solar system is manufactured with technologically advanced solutions. This allows its users to switch to remote control whenever necessary. The new generation solar panels, inverters and powerwalls are now controlled by smart phone apps. This adds a new level of comfort to solar system owners. You can easily manage your solar system configurations sitting comfortably in the living room or doing your daily activities.  

Solar Energy System Reliability 

One of solar energy advantages is reliability. Imagine a situation when your local grid goes off and all your neighborhood must deal with household activities without electricity. If your house is powered by solar system you are totally independent from any other source of power. This allows you to have electricity even when the whole town is out of power. You can even have power when solar panels can’t generate electricity due to bad weather condition. Solar system is equipped with Powerwall – a power storage that enables you to store the excess power generated by the photovoltaic modules and use them in future, whenever necessary. 

Solar Energy Cost 

Solar energy system maintenance requires very little spending. The initial cost is the only big price payed for purchase and installation. Most manufacturing companies provide 20-25 years’ warranty for photovoltaic modules, which don’t require any special attention after installation. You only need to clean them once or twice a year or rely on specialists that will come to your place and clean the panels, or you can initially choose the models with self-cleaning surface. The service of panels’ cleaning is not that expensive, but it is worth it, if you want your solar panels serve you long enough. As the power source is natural no other expenses are required. 

Solar Energy Disadvantages 

Solar Energy Cost

One of the disadvantages of solar energy installation is the initial cost. You will have to pay for solar panels, inverter, power battery, transmission cables, installation cost and other stuff included in solar system set. Nevertheless, the prices will probably go down in future based on the rapidly growing solar technologies. 

Solar Battery  

Solar energy generated by the panels must be used at once, otherwise it must be kept in special power storage, solar battery, which is very expensive. On the other hand, this device makes your life more comfortable and less dependent on circumstances.


Solar panel installation requires a lot of space. Moreover, this space must be convenient for sunlight access. The number of photovoltaic modules depends on the amount of energy that you want to consume. The more your energy requirement the more panels must be installed. If your house rooftop is not enough for solar panels some of them can be ground-mounted. In all cases the most important issue is the access to the sunlight. 


Although solar system maintenance has several environmental benefits, there is still some negative impact on ecosystem. The photovoltaic modules manufacturing includes the use of some toxic materials. Transportation and installation are also associated with the emission of greenhouse gasses. 

Despite all these points, solar system maintenance remains an eco-friendly solution for power consumption.