Renewable Roofing Is Now Possible With Bay Solar Group

Renewable Roofing Is Now Possible With Bay Solar Group

How to save money & energy alongside living a life in a comfortable house? You could never think of what can help you in doing that. As surprising as it may sound, roofing is the answer. There are many reasons why roofing is important. At first thought, it is important for avoiding severe leaks, maintaining the exterior design of the house, optimizing the inside temperature regardless of outer rain, storm, hail, etc. However, what’s more, is that roofing is necessary to live a sustainable and savvy life. How is roofing connected with these two? The connection is really simple; indeed, it may be unknown to many of us. 

Why Do We Need Roofing?

A sustainable lifestyle requires renewability, like the consumption of solar energy. Believe it or not, roofing is the number one fundament for efficient solar energy generation & consumption. Without a reliable roof, the solar power supply will be terminated really soon. Plus, as it sustains the supply of energy of the sun, the better it is done, the savvier energy consumption becomes. Consequently, more money can be saved & earned through solar power generation & consumption. See, roofing is really a critical integral part of finances, electricity, and convenience. Even though its importance is huge, there is no need to worry about it; just find a professional company specializing in the field as a roofing contractor like Bay Solar Group. With such a company, roofing services coupled with solar panel installation will be completed at their best potential without complications. 

What Type Of Roofing Bay Solar Group Provides?

  • Asphalt Roof Shingles

Asphalt roof shingles come in a huge variety which indicates them as suitable for multiple purposes. Three types of these shingles exist, including dimensional, 3-tab, and luxury. All of these three types have A fire rating, high wind and impact ratings, as well as a lengthy warranty of 50 years and beyond. Why purchase particularly these? First, they mimic tile, slate, wood, etc. Second, there is a wide variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Third, the match with Energy Star’s standards is a great advantage. 

  • Clay Tile Shingles

Environmentally friendly and stylish – descriptive of clay tile shingles. For the majority of the time, these shingles are being used for the purpose of a home renovation or improvement in the framework of a particular design. The advantages of this one are many, including sustainability, insulation, upgrade of home value, the longevity of 80 years. The last component of longevity is subject to change with professionals like Bay Solar Group. 

  • Peel And Stick Roofing

Peel and stick roofing is an excellent option if you are looking for something valuable and innovative. Representing rolling fiberglass covered with a membrane that is characterized as self-adhering, it gets punctured and attaches itself to the roof. Why purchase? Simple installation and weather resistance are the primary reasons. Indeed, a plus is if you do roof renovation with Bay Solar Group. The company supplies durable and high-quality Carlisle roofing products. 

  • Real Slate Roofing

Can you picture how a metamorphic rock derived from volcanic ash and clay looks like? It is precisely what slate roof tiles look like alongside the final result of real slate roofing. One of the best possibilities that this type provides to consumers is no limitation in the choice of color because each facet has completely different weather properties and mineral composition. Plus, the advantages are too many, including environmental friendliness, fire resistance, longevity, variety, and weather resistance. 

  • Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is all about making the roof durable and beautiful. People who live in hot climate areas that face a rain of low frequency or regions with salt air are advised to consider this type. It incorporates longevity, insusceptibility to insects and rot, sustainability, energy efficiency, variety, almost-zero maintenance. The only criteria required to think of for too long is which company to go for. One unprofessional step forward, and everything may be ruined. Taking into account that this type is heavy, professionals and companies with huge expertise in the field like Bay Solar Group that cooperate with Eagle Roofing may be the choice. 

  • Seam Metal Roofing

Vertical legs or raised seams – two things describing how seam metal roofing looks like. So futuristic, yet accessible. Design-wise, equipment comes clipless, which is considered a surge in the family of metal roofing. Low-sloped roofs are the best fit for this one. With it, you not only get a futuristic design for the look of your house but also almost no maintenance cost. As a consumer aware of the dangers and complexities and the importance of roof maintenance/renovation, it is crucial to go for a professional company. Considering the need for sustainability, it’d be smart to hit two goals with one shot. Choose a leading solar panel & roofing company like Bay Solar Group. Taking into account that Decra Metal Roofing cooperates with the company, high quality and durability are guaranteed. 

Final Note

Saving money & energy alongside living a life in a comfortable house? It is possible. Taking care of your roof and maintaining it to the maximum extent possible will yield money & energy savings. Depending on your preference, taste, and area of residence, you can go with one of the options represented above. What’s more important is choosing the right company, which, in this case, is Bay Solar Group. Do not neglect professionals in such a critical case. Just trust them considering their partners, expertise in the field, and motivation. 

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan


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