July 4Th Comes With Solar Presents: 444 Is The Win-Win Amount

July 4Th Comes With Solar Presents: 444 Is The Win-Win Amount

Even the busiest people enjoy fireworks, bonfires, family gatherings, barbecues, and many more on July 4th. They do not save on resources to make the day as memorable as possible. The day after, as soon as they realize how much they wasted on the celebration, they regret doing all those things. Here the fundamental question arises: how to celebrate Independence Day not to waste resources but still go to the max? The answer-solution is just going solar! Solar energy is a resource that brings financial benefits alongside environmental sustainability.

As soon as people start consuming the sun’s energy instead of fossil fuels, celebrations as huge as July 4th become wasteless in terms of financial, electric, and environmental resources. In fact, these celebrations become financially prosperous, electricity-wise abundant, and environmentally friendly. I guess the part about financial prosperity interested you the most, right? That’s standard as what people mostly consume without monitoring the expenditure is money. Considering how big of an event July 4th is, wasting money on that day is a possibility. Indeed, with solar energy, you can save even on that day, too. Solar panel companies like Bay Solar Group give you the opportunity to save on power consumption and rates. Plus, they celebrate Independence Day with you! The gift for the day to you is a discount in the amount of $444 if you go solar on the Day of Independence! 

Financial Independence On Independence Day

Sometimes when we go shopping, we get moody because of the insufficient funds we have at that moment. The same may happen while purchasing solar panel systems to access the energy of the sun. Being affordable yet comparably pricey equipment, a solar panel for home is preferred to be bought through leasing or other financial means. Of course, there are more or less affordable options like a solar panel kit that combines all the necessary components for a prosperous solar panel system assembly; they still may cost a lot. Moreover, if coupled with all the expenditures we make on July 4, purchasing a photovoltaic panel system gets off the “grocery list.” Indeed, what if a discount in a fancy yet adequate amount gets introduced to you in a solar panel company like Bay Solar Group? Let’s say this year you walk down the street or run the news feed and encounter that you can go solar by paying $444 less than usual. Isn’t it a relief from the huge amount you should have paid without the discount? Of course, it is! If before the discount you were either unwilling or unable to purchase the equipment, after the discount you are financially independent of paying for everything and anything you would like to on the Day of Independence. 

Solar Energy Is A Switch To Financial Heaven

If you think that having a discount on a special date is the only way to get financial independence with solar panel manufacturers, then let me persuade you the opposite. Solar power is a resource that gets supplied to you with the help of solar panels – equipment that delivers the energy of the sun directly from the sun. Instead of being connected to the electric grid and being the victim of power outages or blackouts, the photovoltaic panel system functions off-grid to bypass such issues. Being disconnected from the grid, PV panels give the consumer the opportunity to fix the monthly payments and have zero fluctuations in the monthly payment amount for solar energy. Do you notice financial stability? Because I do. Besides this, solar panel systems function in a very savvy way: the excess energy that gets generated by PV panels gets conserved in a home battery for later use upon demand. In the case of not being consumed at the end of the month, that excess energy gets sent to the electric grid for money. Simply put, extra energy gets sold back to the grid as an additional source of income. Here comes the point when financial stability turns into financial independence. Not only solar power provides you with the opportunity of being fixed in monthly payments, but it reduces expenditure meanwhile maintaining the maximum possibility of electricity consumption. 

Final Note

Being financially independent is important. Being financially independent on a significant event like Independence Day is crucial. Don’t waste the opportunity of becoming a solar consumer with such a fancy yet affordable and effective discount! Purchase a solar panel with a $444 less payment amount on July 4th and get all the other benefits of going solar along.

The author of a publication: Veronika Abrahamyan


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