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Environment in Bay Area

Environment in Bay Area

It is not a secret that global warming exists. Many facts affect our environment. There are many environmental issues in the Bay Area that can be detrimental to residents. Such as Air Pollution and Sea level rise. These are things that we can combat on a case-by-case basis. Most people want to reduce their household emissions and have a less negative impact on keeping these issues from getting more profound, and that’s possible. 

What Are Some Threats to The Environment in The Bay Area?

Bay environmental news shows that threats to the Bay Area’s atmosphere are the following:

  1. Air Pollution 
  2. Sea Level Rise

San Francisco Bay air pollution is in a bad state. The reason for this is Ground-level ozone, which is also called smog. It is the primary cause of poor air quality in the Bay Area in the summer. Long-term exposure to smog can lead to asthma in children as well as more significant side effects. 

As for sea level rise in San Francisco, it is expected to rise by about seven feet by 2100. It will affect millions of people’s residential and business properties. It will be a loss of a collective worth of hundreds of billions of dollars of property because of the projected sea-level rise.

How Can We Avoid The Environmental Damage?

You might be wondering how to achieve fewer emissions in your household to reduce your carbon footprint. There are ways to combat that. The most prominent source of emissions per household is energy. For this reason, switching to solar can help in decreasing your greenhouse gas emitting based electricity. With the growth of the solar industry, financing options have gotten vast. There is pricing that fits all budgets to meet your energy needs. 

An environmentally friendly person might want to go all out on your system to be as eco-friendly as possible. It means instead of a grid-tied system. You might opt for a battery backup option to have seamless energy running round the clock even when no sun is shining outside. A good option would be the Tesla Powerwall or the Enphase battery.

If you are wary of switching to solar because you think your household uses too much energy to produce hot water, you can also set up a solar water heater to take the pressure off of your PV system. 

You can additionally switch to electric cars to reduce the air pollution caused by cars. You can also attach an EV charger to your home to have a charging bank for your car in the comfort of your home.

The environment in the Bay Area is not yet at a drastic point where it is beyond saving. You can also use other methods to reduce air pollution by being mindful of recycling processes and lessening the use of plastic bags. Still, the primary methods suggested stem from a need to lessen energy use which is solved by switching to photovoltaic power. 


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