10 Reasons Owning Tesla Powerwall

10 Reasons Owning Tesla Powerwall

The Powerwall is a smart rechargeable device that provides your house with energy independent from any local grid. It is a home battery with the ability to gain energy from the solar system or from the grid and provide you with power on demand. 

Tesla Powerwall

If you have made up your mind to buy tesla powerwall, you should get to know it better. The Tesla company is, no doubt, one of the most qualified powerwall manufacturers of our times. The high quality of the tesla powerwall has been proved not once. What makes us prioritize their products more? Or which are the tesla powerwall advantages? Let’s get to know the tesla powerwall closer. 

  1. Flexible in Settings 

The tesla powerwall is encrypted with several settings that simplify your daily activities and keep it easy to maintain the house loads. Here are some of them:

  • Storm watch setting activation enables the device to connect to the National Weather Service and receive its energy for incoming severe weather.
  • Back-up only setting provides additional comfort. With this setting on, your tesla powerwall will switch on when there is an outage. It will provide you with the stored electricity as long as the local grid is down and will automatically switch back when the grid is on again. 
  • Time-based control mode is to forecast your power rates. When rates are high you can use the stored energy thus saving your money. Only when the power rates get low the powerwall will charge from the grid. 
  • Self-powered mode refers to the houses powered with solar energy. With this mode on, your tesla powerwall will automatically store the excess energy generated by the solar panels during the daytime. This energy can be used later on demand.
  1. Good for Your Budget 

One of the tesla powerwall benefits is its price. At first site it may seem that the tesla powerwall cost is high since the device only costs $6,500, plus $1,100 for supporting hardware. But the investment is worth it. You will have a totally independent power backup. Let us also not forget about the eligible tax solar credits of 26 percent. Another benefit for your budget is that you can transfer your excess energy stored in the battery to the local power grid and receive money instead. 

  1. Property Value Increase 

The installation of residential batteries is considered a house improvement. Therefore, the tesla powerwall installation will automatically increase your house value. Adding the actual monetary value is especially important if you plan to sell your property in the future. 

  1. Environmentally Friendly Solution

We are currently facing the era of global warming and all issues concerning the environment are extremely vital. Each of us wants, for sure, to contribute to the reduction of toxic emissions and tesla powerwall installation is a certain step toward it. As Elon Musk once expressed intention to gradually get rid of the carbon-based power you can do your part for this purpose as well.

  1. Your EV’s Battery

As you can imagine, the tesla powerwall battery is a perfect solution for your Electric Vehicle charging. The excess electric power produced by your solar panels can be stored in the battery for later. You can use this power whenever necessary by putting your car to a charge during the whole night. 

  1. Comfort 

This device is especially appreciated by the consumers who value the concept of comfort. Having a tesla powerwall installed in your house you are sure to have permanent house power supply. With this device your daily household activities can be simplified bringing to the minimum the chance for any outage. 

  1.  Independence 

The sense of independence with powerwall is unique. With tesla powerwall battery installed in your residence you can have your own power system despite any local grid. This makes the consumption of solar energy even more pleasant. Even if your whole residential area goes off electricity you can freely use yours if it is supported by a battery. 

  1. Slick and Nice Design 

The interior of any house is important for its dweller. It may seem first that an electrical device can spoil the look around your place. Not with Tesla. The tesla powerwall battery remains true to its brand and has a very nice design. It is slick and modern. At the same time, it does not require much space either. An average tesla powerwall dimensions differ based on the model. Thus, for instance Powerwall 1 (unveiled in April 2015) is 130cm × 86cm × 18cm (51.3 in × 34 in × 7.2 in) in Height × Width × Depth consequently. Powerwall 2 (unveiled in October 2016) is 115.1 cm × 75.2 cm × 14.6 cm (45.3 in × 29.6 in × 5.75 in) in Height × Width × Depth consequently. 

  1. Flexible System Solution

The flexibility of this device permits to install it in two different ways so that it can perform:

  • Whole home backup, which assumes the support for all appliances of the house during an outage. 
  • Partial home backup, allows to backup essential loads leaving the large appliances such as washing machines or air conditioners. 
  1. Easy for Installation 

A tesla powerwall installer guide can best recommend which location to choose to comply exactly with the criteria needed for this device. The benefit of the Powerwall is that it can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The temperature range tolerant for this device is -4°F to 122°F.

Also keep in mind that it should be away from direct sunlight. It can be located under the rain but not in a level where it can be flooded or near downspouts, sprinkle systems. Also keep it clean from such debris as leaves and dense brush. 

Author of the article: Helen Kocharyan


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