Bay Solar Group has been offering homeowners turn-key solutions from the first consultation all the way to the completion of the install. Through quick consultations with our expert engineers, Bay Solar has helped save our clients thousands of dollars off of their electricity bills. Through our extensive energy-effiency analysis, top notch solar installations, and easy-to-understand solar designs, Bay Solar offers the best service in the Bay Area. We proudly offer solar consulations and solar installation services to the Walnut Creek, Fremont, Richmond, San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland areas.


Bay Solar Group was formed by a group of engineering and construction experts. We offer complete solar installation and consultation services to the commercial sector. From commercial property owners to business owners, Bay Solar group has over 6 years of experience in working with large commercial projects. When it comes to Solar Installation for Commerical properties, the installation and engineering process requires more extensive skills and experience that not all solar companies can provide.

Commercial properties tend to have more electrical usage than residential properties and the bill structure is much more complex. With every consultation, we will include a detailed analysis with recommendations, and give you an in-depth energy bill evaluation. Commercial solar applications have 45 commercial rates in comparison the residential which only has 3 major rates. This is why the energy bill evaluation and analysis is the foundation for understanding how solar will benefit commercial properties the most.

Electrical Services

In every home, there is a main electrical breaker panel that has a large impact on your solar system. When the electricity is fed from the solar system, the breaker panel distributes the energy into its circuit breakers and that in turn brings power to the different parts of your home. Depending on a few key factors such as: Year the home was built and the type of fuse bus your electrical panel has, this will determine if anything needs to be replaced and/or upgraded on your panel.

Based on the size of the home (square footage), and the year it was built, the amps will vary. A typical house will have approximately 100 or 200 amp electrical panels. Larger homes (more than 2500 sq ft), are equipped with 200 amps, while homes smaller than this will only have 100 amp panels.

In some situations, the main electrical panel will have to be upgraded so that it can support the energy load given off by the solar system. Some factors that would determine this is by looking at the bus bar rating and finding out where the energy is fed into the main breaker panel. If you have a centrally located breaker in your home, it will not be compatible with the solar system so your main panel might have to be downsized to 150 amps. If the amp requirement is higher than 150 amps to run your solar system, then we will recommend an upgrade of your main electric panel to handle your solar installation.

If an upgrade of your electrical breaker panel is required, our team at Bay Solar Group will replace your current breaker panel with a new, smaller breaker to handle the energy capacity that your solar system requires.

To see what your current amperage rating is, locate your electric panel and look for the label sticker attached to your unit. This will tell you what your break panel’s amperage rating is. If your system is larger than 10 kilowatts, then breaker will need to be upgraded or replaced to handle the solar energy requirements. Please contact us anytime so that we can give you a free consultation!

Here’s what’s included in your Main electrical panel upgrade:

The Main Electrical Breaker Panel

The Repair of Your Stucco Wall

Labor and Material Costs

Separate city permits

Additional city inspections

When it comes to solar, not all roofs are in ideal condition for the installation. Some factors that determine this are the roof’s condition, or the type of material the roof is made out of. One of our expert team members evaluate your roof and recommend you to replace it with your solar project.


During the partial re-roofing process, our solar energy professionals in the Bay Area will streamline the process by only replacing the needed sections only, and replacing the tiles so that we can keep the cosmetics of your home the same. Once the solar panels have been installed, the old roof will not be seen under the panesl and you will only see the tiles outside of the solar arrays. We will remove all of the old tiles from your roof and replace them during the time we install the solar panels. The roof areas that the solar panel will be mounted on will be secured with premium composit or asphalt to give your roof a polished look.


We understand that customers want to make sure they make the right decision in their solar investment. A Bay Solar Group we make sure your assets are protected. Protecting your assets does not end with a simple warranty. Our 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee begins the day you sign your agreement.

Warranty – Bay Solar 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee

At Bay Solar Group, we provide the highest quality and excellence in engineering design and use only the highest quality materials for your project. Our solar system components have the highest life span, down to every part. Bay Solar Group offers a warranty for your equipment and the quality of our work. If we don’t provide you with a quick installation, we will pay your electric bills!* Simple as that, hassle-free.

Our committment is to offer the best prices in the Bay Area. With our 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee, your return on investment is guaranteed.

Bay Solar Group offers one of the best warranties in the industry. With a guarantee on the production of your equipment*, 20 year warranty on the labor, equipment and manufacturer warranties, you will have the full backing of 2 companies.

We commit to the best prices possible. This combined with the rest of our 360 Solar Asset Protection Guarantee; you get the fastest return on your investment.

With our expert installers, we currently have a leak and equipment failure ratio at practically zero percent. This is due to our equipment and custom designs that help reduce the number of roof penetrations.

Finally, we customize every system design and make it simple so that anyone can have the capability of repairing or upgrading your system.

With our design expertise, efficient equipment, and our 360 Solar Asset Protection guarantee, you will see why Bay Solar Group is the Bay Area’s top Solar Installation provider. We proudly offer our expert Solar Installation services to the Walnut Creek, Fremont, Richmond, San Jose, San Francisco, and Oakland areas.