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Bay Area Energy Goals

Cities throughout California are following suit with the state’s energy goals for the future to achieve 50% renewable energy by 2030. San Francisco is one of the leading cities in the bay area to have developed policies that use clean, renewable energy to help reduce negative environmental impacts. The city’s ultimate sustainability vision is its commitment to “0-50-100-Roots” – 0 waste to landfills, reach 50% sustainable transportation, and provide 100% renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions.

SFEnvironment Energy Goals

San Francisco Department of the Environment, SFEnvironment, is a nonprofit organization with solutions to advance climate control and enhance quality of life for bay area residents. SFEnvironment is working directly with San Francisco Public Utilities Commission to meet their climate and energy targets. In their strategic plan, SFEnvironment has a target to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40% before 2025 and 80% before 2050. A big factor in achieving such a goal is to accelerate the energy grid to become 100% renewable.


San Francisco Public Utilities Commission Energy Goals

San Francisco Public Utilities Commission provides water, sewer, and power services to their customers. One of their primary goals in their 2020 strategic plan is to implement sustainability management to restore natural resources within the bay area ecosystem and also protect people from potential environmental harm such as air pollution. The plan’s target is to achieve 50% renewable electric supply by 2020. The meet this goal, San Francisco has incorporated a community choice aggregation program to help bring more renewable energy to their customers.

CleanPower SF Energy Goals

CleanPowerSF is San Francisco’s premiere community choice aggregation program. Community choice aggregation is a clean energy program designed specifically to source and provide clean renewable energy to local residents and business. The program is administered by the utility company; San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. The electric grid that’s owned by PG&E will transfer the energy to their customers at a more affordable rate. All the profits from the end users that are enrolled in this program will be used by CleanPowerSF to fund and expand out their renewable energy facilities to provide more power.

Customers enrolled with CleanPowerSF have 2 options on how much clean energy they can receive. Green Service will provide 40% while SuperGreen Service will provide 100% renewable energy. Both services use wind as their renewable energy resource from the Shiloh Wind Project – a 150 Megawatt facility located in Solano County. According to the Office of The Mayor, CleanPowerSF approximates to enroll 250,000 customers citywide by 2019. The Salesforce Tower, San Francisco’s impressive 1,070 ft. high rise, is CleanPowerSF’s largest business consumer.

Hetch Hetchy Power System

The Hetch Hetchy Power System is San Francisco’s source of water and power to the city’s municipal properties. Its hydroelectric facility delivers 100% clean, renewable energy to all of San Francisco’s police stations, fire stations, public schools, airport, hospitals, streetlights, courthouses, etc. The energy the system produces is 100% greenhouse gas free with no radioactive byproducts. Being one of the state’s cleanest energy resources, The Hetch Hetchy Power System generates 99.2% of its hydroelectric power and .8% of wind resources which is administred by San Francisco Public Utilities Commission. 8.0% of solar energy powers the city’s municipal solar photovoltaic installations. Beyond power, the Hetch Hetchy Power System also provides drinking water to 2.7 million people across the Bay Area daily.

Robert Sarai

Robert Sarai is a leading expert in energy efficiency and sustainability with L.A. Solar Group. He oversees development and marketing efforts to guide property owners toward smart energy solutions. He can be contacted directly at 818-946-2320 or robert@lasolargroup.com.

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