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Bay Area Residents Pay More For Solar

EnergySage, a marketplace hub has reported that Bay Area residents pay 20% higher than other places in the country for solar energy. Bay Area is one of the oldest regions in the United States who ventured openly into this solar power generation. The region has been solar power-friendly longer than many other places in the country, yet why is it that Bay Area residents seem to pay more on average than others?

The residents of this region pay as high as $3.91 per watt of solar power. This was made public in the Solar marketplace Intel Report released by the same company. Even Los Angeles County Residents pay less than Bay Area residents; the latter pay 10 cents higher. In Bay Area, the average net cost of solar power stands at $13,000. This amount is $5,000 higher than what both the national and Los Angeles averages are.

So, what could be responsible for this higher rate in the Bay Area?

EnergySage CEO and Founder, Vikram Aggarwal, has given an insight into the possible cause of this; he placed the blame at the doorsteps of the higher cost of maintenance and higher cost of installation that is obtainable in the region. He stated that the structures in this region and the height of the roofs also lend hands to the increased cost of installation since higher roofs increase the complexity of installation. Other reasons he gave were the higher permitting costs and the high prices of equipment. The economy of scale also plays a role in the higher installation.

According to the Aggarwal, the Bay Area has an average price per watt between $3.5 per watt and $4.25 per watt. He also suggested that the Bay Area residents can reduce how much they spend on installation and maintenance by doing comparison shopping cost per watt, which he said will help them to save up to $3,600 on solar energy installation and maintenance.

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