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“Green Roof” Could Be An Acceptable Substitute for Solar Panels

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San Francisco Supervisor Scott Wiener proposed a measure allowing developers to plant a “green roof” instead of solar panels on their buildings.

The Bay Area city’s latest piece of solar power legislation follows another ordinance, approved several months prior, that requires developers devote up to 15 percent of rooftops in all new buildings to producing solar energy. The requirement is expected to reduce solar installation costs by about 5 percent.

Under this measure, developers would be able to meet the 15 percent requirement at a ratio of two square feet of green roof for every square foot of solar. For residents in the Bay Area, the news of a lower installation cost for solar energy in their homes is welcome news.

Developers Can Install Plants, Solar Panels, Or Both

A green roof consists of plots of plants designed to save energy, reduce rain runoff during storms, extend the lifespan of the roof and provide a habitat for urban flora and fauna. These green roofs have also been called living roofs.

Wiener described San Francisco’s rooftops as an unused environmental resource that must be tapped into. Utilising these spaces, Wiener said, will result in a cleaner, healthier city.

Although the best-known example of a living roof in the Bay Area is at the California Academy of Sciences in Golden Gate Park, there are others scattered throughout the city.

There has never been a better time to get solar panels installed if you live in the Bay Area than right now!

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